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2017 Registration Opens January 5, 2017 at 10am

Last year it sold out in 11 hours!


Questions and Answers


What is it?

It's a winter mountain bike race of pure awesomeness.

Is there video evidence of the fun I will have?

Yes there is.

When is it?

Sunday February 12, 2017

Where is it?

Port Colborne, Ontario, Canada

What is Sportsfest?

It's a Winter Festival held in Port Colborne during February. Click HERE for the Official Sportsfest brochure and event information.

What does it cost to enter this race?

$45.00 per entry.

Where does the money raised go?

The money generated from this race goes back into the ShortHills Cycling Club trail building and advocacy fund.

Where do I register?

You can register HERE.

How many entries are allowed?

The race is capped at 100 entries only. From 2013-2016, the Frostbike has SOLD OUT so enter early to get your spot.

Can I get a refund on my registration?

Sorry but we can not offer refunds on race entries, your money does go back into the trails and is greatly appreciated.

When does race registration close?

Registration closes on Wednesday February 8, 2017 at 11:59pm or once it reaches 100 entries which ever comes first. No day of registration... sorry.

Where do I go on race day?

You need to sign in and pick up your registration package and plate at the CITY TAVERN, 202 Main Street West, Port Colborne, ON. The CITY TAVERN is right across the street from where the Frostbike start will be.

Where do I park my car?

Lots of parking at the CITY TAVERN and at the several municipal parking lots along Main Street West. Look for the Green "P" signs.

What are the Race Categories?

There will be Gender and Age Group Categories along with a Fatbike specific category as well. During registration you wil see "Default", "Fatbike" and "Single Speed" options for registering. Leave the selection at Default if not racing in Fatbike or Single Speed categories. The Fatbike Category will be limited to tire sizes of 3.7 and larger.

When should I be there?

Registration check in starts at 8:30am and will close at 10:30am. First wave will start at 11:00am.

What Trails are used?

The Robin Hood lands known locally as "The Hood". It is an area filled with the spoils from digging the Welland Canal many years ago.

What is the race course like?

Laps are approximately 10km in length and final course route will depend on the weather conditions leading up to race day. There will be rocks, logs, trees, hills (small but punchy) snow, ice, mud, wooden bridges, cougars (maybe) and the odd snowman if there is enough snow.

So how does the start work?

You will start in a modified time trial/mini waves format of up to 6 riders at a time. These mini-waves are self-seating. Get to the start line with 5 friends or race with the people around you. There is a two lap option and your "best time" from one of those two laps will stand as your final result. It will be computer timed.

So what kind of bike should I ride?

A mountain bike would be best. We have seen all types of mountain bikes at this race ranging from Fatbikes to full on XC race rigs to single speed rigid bikes, winter beater hard tails, full suspensions to downhill bikes and even a 2 wheel drive Christini mountain bike. As for cross bikes... take your chances but be warned skinny tires are probably not the best choice for The Hood.

What tires should I use?

Your tire selection will depend on conditions on race day. Most use a heavy knobby type tire or winter ice spiked tires, there could be snow, mud and or ice.

Where do I go when I'm done racing?

Done your lap(s) head on over to the CITY TAVERN for our post race festivities. A food will be served to each race participant redeeming a food token. Various types of beverages will be available for purchase. Awards will follow the race conclusion at approximately 2:30pm.